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Be-flügelt Julian Eilenberger Andreas Güstel

"Be-flügelt" – A piano night by two composers with poetry, anecdotes and champagne

Andreas Güstel and Julian Eilenberger are two friends and pianists from Leipzig and Schwerin, turning the name of their concert series into a programme. Dreamy and romantic melodies are as much part of their repertoire as euphoric and energetic pieces. Partially, their style is reminiscent of the music of Ludovico Einaudi and Yann Tiersen, though it also reveals a very unique charme. Their compositions were developed not only in different projects and commissioned pieces, but also out of the emotionally-driven spirit of very personal stories which quickened them and let conjure the most delightful sounds.

Be-flügelt Julian Eilenberger
Be-flügelt Andreas Güstel

Music is their passion, and this is what they are communicating to the audience: When they're narrating about writing and composing, and when they're bringing the grand piano sound to life – emotionally poignant, poetically inspiring, and, not rarely, startling. With their cheerful authentic character, these two musicians turn the evening into an enjoyable experience. With lots of charme and wit they're telling anecdotes from the world of famous composers and of their own producing.

The night gets a lyrical mark due to slick recitations by Julian Eilenberger, delivering insight into his current Rilke programme, but also making audible the poetry of Friedrich Schiller, Eichendorff and Liliencron.

Salutatory, every guest will get a glass of champagne on the house, sharpening the mind and senses. You can be sure that it will be a classy night!

Be-flügelt Andreas Güstel Julian Eilenberger
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